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While we perfectly understand that summer is not necessarily the time to read news articles on your favorite cheat provider's website, we would still like to spread the information that this year's summer sale has officially started!

And there is more good news! The restrictions imposed by the global pandemic are slowly loosening and many people are once again able to go outside and do every day things. For those of you who aren't able to do so, or the crazy ones who prefer to stay at home when its over 30 degrees inside, we have the following news:

v2 and v2 Beta

Without question, the development of the v2 of our cheat is already taking a very long time. Longer than expected, but honestly we have no reason to rush it because we are currently satisfied with the overall state of the v1. There have been some personal incidents that have delayed v2 development time to an extent we are also not satisfied with. Remember, we're just a small team of two people who don't work full-time on InVision and don't have unlimited time and resources.

However, we are proud to announce that the first beta version of v2 will be released within one week from now! The first build will contain only the underlying functionality needed for further development and a limited number of basic features as we want to use it to test the general stability and performance of the v2. This means you shouldn't expect the v2 beta to be a complete cheat that is replacing the v1 immediately. We hope to be able to provide updates to the beta somewhat regularly in order to fill it with features gradually.

Valve's adjustments to Non-Prime

Despite the changes to Prime/Non-Prime and Ranked/Unranked Matchmaking, which in our opinion will drive the cheating scene back in the direction of "legit cheating", early builds of the v2 beta will come with an initial set of HvH features as there is always the possibility of continuing to use the current v1, which is currently in a very good position.

Future Development

In the very near future, the changes that were recently made to the available packages in the shop will bear fruit, so that future development and maintenance times will be much faster and we can get updates out much more frequently! More about these changes...

That's all we have right now. Hopefully you had a great summer start of summer and can enjoy it while waiting for the upcoming v2 release with just a little more patience.

Best regards,

:invision:  Trickster & ToKKaN