Introducing our Counter-Strike 2 Cheat!

CS2 Cheat - ESP Beta Preview

In the fast-paced world of Counter-Strike and with the new CS Rating being introduced, staying ahead of the competition is more important than ever. Therefore, we are happy to announce that our much-anticipated cheat for Counter-Strike 2 is now available! It will initially be available as a limited test beta and will gradually receive more and more features to eventually redefine your Counter-Strike 2 experience.

Going External

As stated in our last article: Going forward with Counter-Strike 2, our CS2 cheat is now external, which means that is not directly interfering with the game memory like the CS:GO cheat was. This increases your security and will (hopefully) achieve that your trust factor will no longer be affected negatively by just launching the cheat, but also means that fewer features will be available overall than in CS:GO. We think it's worth it and hope you will have a much better experience with the CS2 cheat.

Limited Test Beta

If we're honest, our CS2 cheat doesn't contain many features yet, but we're excited to get it into your hands as fast as possible to gather valuable user feedback. The limited test beta of our CS2 cheat provides a unique opportunity for early adopters to actively participate in the development of our CS2 cheat, helping to make it a great product. During the beta phase, users can expect to gain access to a set of initial features that will already bring significant value to their CS2 experience. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Overlay ESP with early features such as boxes, health bars, health numbers and name esp
    • The overlay ESP requires the game to be running in windowed/borderless mode!
  • Aimbot with distance based FOV calculation
  • Triggerbot with customizable delay on top of a smart randomizer calculation to avoid detections by VACNet

A complete list of all available features is available in the forum and if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the pre-sale questions forum.

As a beta tester, you'll be among the first to experience our software in Counter-Strike 2 and will be able explore its features, provide feedback and help shape the final product. We welcome any customer feedback, suggestions, and bug reports to help us fine-tune and prioritize new features and improvements for our CS2 cheat. We will be working actively to address customer input and incorporate your opinions into the development of the CS2 cheat to meet your expectations and bring it close to where our CSGO cheat once was!

Try Now

The limited test beta is now available for just 4.99 € and is scheduled to last for about a month. After the limited test beta has ended, all prices for the CS2 cheat will be increased and we will reintroduce packages so that an Aimbot or ESP can also be purchased individually for a cheaper price. Against inflation, we will also lower prices on all CS2 memberships compared to CS:GO!

Are you ready to take your CS2 experience to the next level? Join us in this exciting new journey! As the limited test beta expands over the next weeks, stay tuned for regular cheat updates.

EUR 9.99

Active Subscriptions

Good news for active customers! After our last announcement, we had already extended all memberships by one week. Now, we have once again extended all active memberships by 7 days! This means that if you still had an active membership until today, you can start with the CS2 cheat beta straight away and get a few days on top!

Outdated Information

Since we essentially have to convert all information on our website from CS:GO to CS2, there might be outdated information here and there. We will try to update all information on the fly, but if you notice any misinformation, please let us know and report it in the forum!


The leaderboard for CS2 will be available at a later date!

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  • VAAAAAAMOS!!!!!!

  • A friendly reminder that the special offer and beta phase for our CS2 cheat ends in exactly one week (on 14.11). The price will then be raised to 9.99 €.

    We are confident that our Counter-Strike 2 cheat now has many features that justify asking for the full price (which is lower than it was for CS:GO). We will of course continue to work on the cheat and optimize it further. Remember that you can influence the development to a certain extent and we are happy to implement features that you want and that we consider useful.

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  • After one month of testing, our CS2 cheat is now available for the full price of 9.99 €.

    As before, a 7-day trial version is now also available for purchase at a reduced price.

    EUR 9.99

    EUR 4.99

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