The leaderboard shows the top 10 players of the current month.

There is no data available for this month (yet).

Get competitive and rise to the top of our monthly leaderboard!

Keep track of your in-game performance and compete to be at the top of our monthly leaderboard. The monthly leaderboard is a list of the top-performing users for that month. Our system tracks and ranks users based on their in-game performance using our cheat. The leaderboard displays the top 10 users, their number of games played, won, lost and drawn, as well as their total points. These points are updated several times a day (~every 3-4 hours from 1 AM) and are calculated based on several factors including but not limited to the total number of games, wins, losses, ties and game modes played.

Our goal is to create a competitive environment where users can track their progress, see how they are doing compared to others and strive to improve their ranking. The leaderboard is open to all users and is completely reset at the end of each month to ensure the rankings are always up-to-date. The top 3 performers of the month are immortalized on a winners list and receive a prize. Be sure to check back regularly to see how you are doing on the leaderboard!