Community Guidelines

We put a great emphasis on an appropriate and respectful interaction with each other. To ensure this, we must insist on compliance with certain basic rules and reserve the right to block or delete users and content if they violate these rules, which also results in our products being no longer accessible.

General Behaviour

  1. The main language of this website is English and all forum posts must be written in English.
    1. Support tickets/threads can also be written in German so that they can be processed more easily.
  2. Always behave respectful towards all members of the community. Insulting other members in any way is prohibited.
  3. "Pushing" your own or other peoples threads is not allowed with the exception of the marketplace section.
    1. In the marketplace section it is allowed to "push" a thread once every 24 hours.
  4. "Spamming" is strictly prohibited and is defined as follows.
    1. Any post which does not have useful content is considered spam.
    2. Posting in the offtopic section only to increase your post counter is considered spam.
    3. Creating a thread which can already be found via the search function or the FAQ is considered spam.
    4. Thanking someone instead of using the reaction system can be considered spam, depending on the situation.
    5. Excessive use of the report function can be considered spam.
  5. Spreading personal information about other users is prohibited, including but not limited to relatives or friends.
  6. Selling/Sharing forum accounts is strictly prohibited and all involved accounts will be suspended with immediate effect.
  7. Creating multiple accounts per user is prohibited and can result in a permanent suspension of all accounts involved.

Unwanted Contents

  1. Advertising.
    This regulation includes the advertising of websites, forums, services or other products and also "referral" links.
  2. Disturbing images/videos of a violent nature and pornographic content.
  3. Discussions on political or religious topics.

Usernames, Signatures, Avatars and User Profiles / Banners

  1. Inappropriate usernames are strictly forbidden and will be regenerated manually.
  2. The signature should not disrupt the reading flow excessively and formatting should be used extremely sparingly.
  3. The signature should not be higher than 10 lines of text in regular font size.
  4. Links to other cheating related websites, including plain text, are not permitted.
  5. Trademarks or image rights of third parties may not be infringed.
  6. Pictures of strangers may not be used as avatars or profile pictures, including but not limited to relatives or friends.
  7. Repeated use of inappropriate avatars, signatures or profile banners can cause the account to lose this functionality.

Warning Points

If someone violates any of the community guidelines above, we issue "warnings" which in the worst case can lead to a permanent account suspension. Warnings are weighted differently depending on the offense and can either be temporary or permanent. The following list contains various offenses and the resulting warnings.


  • Spam ( 2 WP / 4 Weeks )
  • Inappropriate username, avatar, signature or profile banner ( 2 WP / 4 Weeks )
  • Inappropriate advertising for other platforms ( 2 WP / 4 Weeks )
  • Violation of the marketplace rules / trading guidelines ( 2 WP / 4 Weeks )
  • Using a language other than English ( 2 WP / 4 Weeks )
  • Insulting a community member ( 4 WP / 4 Weeks )
  • Any form of extraordinary misconduct ( 4 WP / 6 Weeks )
  • Insulting a team member ( 10 WP / Permanent )
  • Fraud / Scam ( 30 WP / Permanent )

Suspension Types

  1. 5 WP -> 7 Day Suspension
  2. 10 WP -> 14 Day Suspension
  3. 20 WP -> 30 Day Suspension
  4. 30 WP -> Permanent Suspension

* We reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time and to punish other, non listed, behavior as well.