Frequently Asked Questions


What makes you unique and sets you apart from the enormous amount of other cheat providers?

Even though our csgo cheat does not differ much from others in its functions, it clearly stands out from other csgo cheats. Contrary to the usual "all or nothing", we offer not only offer the csgo cheat in its entirety, but also divided into several smaller packages at reduced prices, so that a customer only has to pay for the package that includes the features they actually want to use. These packages can be freely combined with each other.

In addition, each available combination of packages comes with its own unique cheat build. All unique builds/versions of our csgo cheat greatly differ from each other and in the event of a detection, it is very unlikely that every customer will be affected by the detection and instead only customers using the exact same build will be also affected. We will of course do everything we can to keep the risk of detection as low as possible.


How do I purchase the csgo cheat?

We tried to make the shop as uncomplicated as possible but it still can potentially confuse some people. For this reason, here is a brief overview of how it works:

If you want to buy the csgo cheat with all available features, you only have to buy the ultimate package. Increasing the quantity in the shopping cart adds additional 30 days to the membership. However, for example, if you only want a skin changer / inventory changer, all you have to do is buy the skin changer package. If you then would like to add aimbot at a later date, you can purchase an additional aimbot package afterwards. The memberships then run independently of one another.

Buying any packages AND the ultimate package doesn't make sense since the ultimate package includes every feature available.


Which payment methods are accepted?

We currently accept payments via Stripe (Credit Card, SEPA Direct Debit, SOFORT Payments, Giropay, EPS Payment, Alipay, Apple Pay) and Coinbase (BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, USDC, DAI, DOGE). We do not accept PayPal, PaysafeCard, Steam Items (Skins), Amazon Gift Cards or comparable virtual goods.

In the marketplace section, you can ask other members whether they'd like to exchange your skins/gift cards for money or buy shop coupons for you in exchange.


How long does it take for a payment to be approved?

In general, the payment confirmation takes no longer than a few minutes. Depending on the payment provider, there may be delays of a few hours, which is why we only accept support inquiries after a waiting period of at least 12 hours.


Do you offer a trial version?

Yes! Every user is able to purchase a trial version at a greatly reduced price which in no way affects the security of other versions. This trial version includes all available features but is limited to a duration of 5 days. The trial version can also be purchased multiple times!


Is the ESP or other visuals of the csgo cheat "stream proof"?

Yes, there is an option to make all visuals stream proof and they will then no longer be captured by programs like OBS. However, many features (e.g. Glow) are automatically disabled in this mode because they cannot be hidden or because of other security reasons.


Why do i need a HWID / ISP reset?

As stated in our terms and conditions, matching your HWID and ISP is part of our security system and is used to clearly identify our users. If you are asked to request a reset, you can do this in the support section. The use of a VPN or other software that disguises your ISP is not supported as we can and will not process an almost infinite amount of ISP reset requests.


Can I promote InVision on other platforms?

Nobody is prevented from promoting us on other platforms or expressing criticism. If you are a content creator or just want to advertise us on a larger scale, you can become part of our affiliate program to earn a commission on sales. Information on how to become a partner or what restrictions there are can be found in affiliate program guidelines thread.


Are there any technical requirements to use your csgo cheat?

Our csgo cheat only works on 64-Bit Windows systems and we strongly recommend using Windows 10 as it is the only platform we can actively support. The cheat is fully compatible with Windows 11 and may also work on Windows 7/8/8.1 but we do not offer support for latter versions. Also, it might not work properly when running on Windows Insider Builds. Mac or Linux systems are not supported at all! The same applies to virtual machines.

You also need to install the latest Visual C++ 2019 redistributable and we always recommend purchasing the trial package at least once to determine whether the csgo cheat works properly on your operating system as we will not refund any orders apart from exceptional cases.


How safe is it to use your csgo cheat and what happens if it gets detected?

We take security very seriously and claim that using our csgo cheat is very safe. This is why for example, our loader recompiles every hour to lower the risk of a loader detection. If we notice that this security is no longer guaranteed and/or the cheat got detected, we will immediately restrict access to the cheat in order to protect our customers. If we are unable to restore security in a short period of time, all of our customers' subscriptions/memberships will be compensated accordingly.


Which Anti-Cheat Software is supported by the csgo cheat?

The csgo cheat actively supports the following anti-cheat measures:

  • VAC / Matchmaking
  • SMAC
  • CEVO Server Side

We might add support for other anti-cheat software like EAC in the future!


When was the last time the csgo cheat got detected?

  • Cheat (VAC / Matchmaking): Never
  • Cheat (CEVO): Never
  • Loader: ~ November 2020

Released: 01.07.2020