Affiliate Program Guidelines

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    We offer particularly active and committed advertisers to become part of our affiliate program. Participants in this program have the opportunity to earn a commission for every advertised sale. The amount of the commission varies from case to case and can be negotiated. We offer this program primarily to YouTubers and people on similar platforms who can test and promote our products. Affiliate Partners receive a personal code, which they can then share with their own community.

    To join the affiliate program, you must meet the following requirements:

    • A minimum age of 20 years is required.
    • As a YouTuber, you must have at least 1000 subscribers and 200 average views.
    • As a website operator, you must have at least 200 unique visits per day.
    • You should mainly deal with the topic of cheating in video games.

    In special circumstances, we also accept applicants who do not meet the requirements but who we believe are suitable for the task. To apply for the program, please open a topic in the affiliate application forum. Your application will not be visible to other users and only team members will be able to read your application in order to process it internally. Applications should include a short but detailed description of yourself and your channel/website. It should also explain why you think you are suitable for the program. Please describe in detail why we should accept you as an affiliate partner.

    If we have decided not to work with you as an affiliate partner, it is still possible that we will accept you as a promoter instead, but affiliate program requirements still apply. Promoters also have free access to our products, but do not receive any further consideration for their performance / advertising, as they work on a voluntary basis. However, promoters receive a voucher that they can share and that is used to evaluate their performance. If this performance turns out better than expected, we will consider a promotion to an affiliate partner.

    Important Notice

    We do not publish any internal information about our affiliate program or partners. This affects commissions and all other negotiations. Partners are paid monthly if a minimum balance of 50 € has been reached.

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