Going forward with Counter-Strike 2

Starting today, Counter-Strike 2 is officially replacing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive! This is exciting news, but also comes with some frustration as far as our products are concerned. As you may know, CS2 uses the Source2 engine, which means our cheats no longer work out of the box. Looking at the current status of CS2, we expected that there would be a transition period between CS:GO and CS2, but unfortunately this is not the case. More or less surprised by the immediate gold release of CS2, our cheats are not yet ready for our customers to use. However, we will do everything we can to release a cheat with basic features by the end of next weekend!

While we could simply update our software without saying anything more, we are writing this article to inform you about something we think is very important. Starting with our new cheats compatible with CS2, we are taking a completely different path than before: We're going external!

Among the main reasons for this decision are the trust factor system, constant improvements to VACNet and now VACLive and the resulting feedback from our customers, which is often predominantly negative in that regard. We have always tried to communicate with our users to make it clear that if you decide to cheat in this game, you automatically accept and agree that your trust factor will be significantly reduced or that there is always a chance of your account getting banned. However, communicating that to (e.g. new) users is not easy and we simply want to ensure that our customers have as few problems and the best experience with our software as possible, which also includes customers who are completely unaware of all of the game's security measures beforehand. Of course, we cannot remove these security measures, instead we can only try to bypass them as best as we can. We think we've done a good job (e.g. avoiding VAC completely), but going forward, we also think we can do more, especially in terms of user friendliness. Just launching our cheat shouldn't have a negative impact on a user's account, instead, the user's actions and only the user's actions should be responsible for any kind of punishment from the game. Going forward with an external cheat that is not directly interfering with the game memory increases your security, but also means that fewer features will be available overall than in CS:GO.

What happens to my subscription?

If you purchased a Skin/Inventory Changer only subscription in the last 2 days, we offer a full refund of your membership as a gesture of goodwill. Please simply open a support ticket, which we will process within the next few days. All other subscriptions remain non-refundable according to our Cancellation Policy. However, as another gesture of goodwill, we will give CS2 cheat access to all other customers who have ongoing memberships for the CS:GO cheat and we will extend all currently active memberships by 7 days.

Meanwhile, we have disabled all products so you cannot accidentally purchase a new membership and we will slightly revise the products in conjunction with the release of our CS2 cheat. We have also disabled all cheats in the loader.

If you have any questions about the release of CS2, feel free to comment on this article!