How to safely set up your CSGO cheat for streaming

CSGO Streaming Setup
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What are 'Streamproof Visuals' ?

'Streamproof Visuals' is a feature to make the visual effects of a CSGO cheat invisible for your broadcaster software. As a result, features from the ESP/Wallhack or even the menu are not visible to your viewers, although they are still visible to you. This is especially useful if you want to create video recordings or live streams where you don't want the cheat to be visible. Streaming services like, for example, prohibit playing with cheats and using this feature can minimize the risk of being banned.

Comparison with and without streamproof visuals

Which features can be used in 'Streamproof-Mode' ?

In terms of our CSGO cheat, almost all visuals with a few exceptions can be displayed in a streamproof mode, so that they remain hidden for most common streaming software such as Open-Broadcaster-Software (OBS) or Streamlabs OBS. If this option is enabled, your viewers will not be able to tell that you are using a cheat. Note that your audience will notice something if you play too obvious or if other features like the aimbot is badly configured.

Please keep in mind that not every visual feature is available while the streamproof option is enabled. Glow and Chams, for example, are not considered 'streamproof' and are therefore automatically disabled if the streamproof option is enabled. Using the skin changer or inventory changer is also not streamproof, but the feature remains enabled while using streamproof visuals. Make sure you've done some testing before streaming to a wider audience.

Not all features are available in streamproof-mode

How do I enable the 'Streamproof-Mode' that is safe for streaming?

Streamproof visuals can easily be enabled via the 'Visuals Tab' in the cheat menu of our CSGO cheat, but we've also created a small text guide with instructions and a short video showing all the necessary steps involved.

Text Guide

  1. Start OBS, Streamlabs OBS or any other broadcaster software of your choice with administrator privileges.
  2. Add -allow_third_party_software to the start options of CS:GO. This is required since June 2020 in order to use game capture.
  3. Start the loader, log in with your account and inject the cheat as usual.
  4. Add a game capture source to your active scene and make sure to uncheck any option like "capture third-party overlays".
  5. Enable the 'streamproof' option in the visuals tab of the cheat.

Video Guide

The following video made by ToKKaN shows the steps outlined above.

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This is about your cheat, but which CSGO cheat is best for streaming?

We offer one of the best CSGO cheats on the market for streaming. When choosing a cheat, you should make sure that this feature is explicitly advertised and that as many features as possible are available. It would be a shame if after purchasing a cheat you find that only half the features are available for streaming and you end up playing with very few features available. At InVision, we explicitly promote this feature and even if it is only used by very few users, we continue to actively maintain it.

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