Why you should start using a CSGO skin changer right now!

Stop buying CSGO Skins - Start using a Skin Changer
Stop buying CSGO Skins - Start using a Skin Changer


Skins are a way to change the appearance of a weapon or player model in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). They can be obtained through opening cases, trading with other players or the Steam Community Market, but they are purely cosmetic and have no effect on gameplay, so why should you invest any time or money in them?

What is a skin changer?

A skin changer is a program that allows players to change the skin of their in-game weapons to whatever they want, without having to own the skin they want to use. Most skin changers also allow players to use custom or unobtainable skins. An extension of the conventional skin changer is the so-called inventory changer. An inventory changer allows players to add items to their CSGO inventory. This allows the skins to be interacted with as if they were actually in the player's inventory. Having rare or uncommon items in the inventory is not just for show, but also makes loading previously created loadouts and selecting skins easier, as you only have to click through the usual cheat menu and its skin selection once.

CSGO inventory with skins added by an inventory changer CSGO inventory with skins added by an inventory changer

Can you get banned for using a skin changer?

Quick answer: Yes. A skin or inventory changer is no different from other cheats and can lead to a ban at any time. This is a risk to be aware of when using any kind of cheat. When someone uses the phrase “undetectable” in this context, you should probably stay away from it. There are various countermeasures to prevent getting banned, but nothing is 100% secure.

The only thing that will mitigate this risk to some extent is using only a skin changer without an aimbot or wallhack, as it won't affect gameplay and therefore won't get you banned from systems like Overwatch or VACNet. In this case, a VAC ban is the only risk to be aware of, but as already mentioned, that risk is always there, no matter how hard the cheat developers try to prevent it.

Why you should use a skin changer

Now that we’ve talked about what a skin changer is and what the risks are, we need to talk about the benefits of using a skin changer! Let's talk about arguably the most important benefits and strengths of a skin changer.

Free of Charge

While CSGO skins can be traded freely on the Steam Community Market, they thereby do have an established market value, and this means that rare and highly desirable skins can be very expensive. Especially if you plan to put together a complete loadout with your favorite skins! For reference, a factory new AWP | Dragonlore (as of today) still costs as much as a used car and instead of buying an M9 Bayonet | Gamma Doppler, you can buy a new PC with all peripherals instead! A skin changer completely circumvents this problem and lets you create your loadout according to your wishes and preferences for free, without having to spend any money on skins. Also, what happens if you don’t like your expensive loadout anymore? With a skin changer, you can easily create a new loadout in minutes without having to spend additional money or sell your old skins to buy new ones instead.

Current Top Listings for CSGO Skins on CS.MONEY Current Top Listings for CSGO Skins on CS.MONEY

Aesthetic Value

Most players who use a skin changer do so because they want to visually enhance their gaming experience. With the help of a skin changer, the process of personalizing your skin loadout is not only simplified and accelerated, but also removes any restrictions that you would have to consider when buying your skins. When creating your dream loadout, not only can the skins for weapons and knives be selected, but the rarity and condition can also be precisely specified. In addition, the StatTrak functionality can be activated at will and stickers can be applied and removed without friction.

Examples for color-specific CSGO Skin Loadouts Examples for color-specific CSGO Skin Loadouts

Unobtainable Items

With a skin changer you can use skins that are not or no longer available in the game, or are simply not intended for use with the respective weapon. For example, you can apply paint jobs like "Bulldozer" to weapons like the Karambit knife, which don't typically have that skin available to them. You can also replace the knife with completely different models, like the golden knife from the Arms Race game mode or the hammer, wrench or axe from the Dangerzone game mode!


Overall, the benefits of whether or not to use a skin changer in CSGO seem to clearly outweigh the potential risk of getting banned. While getting banned is a serious consequence, the benefits of using a skin changer are simply too great to ignore. This is especially the case if you are aware of this risk and therefore only cheat on accounts that you can afford to lose or are at least not worth as much as all your desired skins would be worth!

The fact that CSGO is free to play further mitigates the impact of the already low risk of getting banned. Accounts aren't worth nearly as much today as they used to be, and you can create a new account in minutes, just for the purpose of having some fun.

The sheer benefit of getting all CSGO skins for free, including knives and gloves, speaks for itself. Whether AWP | Dragon Lore, M9 Bayonet | Doppler or M4A4 | Howl, you don’t have to pay anything! Bonus options for customizing your loadout, including name tags, choosing rarity and condition, enabling the StatTrak feature, or fine-tuning the float value are just more convincing reasons why it’s worth it.

Why not try a skin changer today?

Based on you reading this blog post, there’s a chance you’re already using a skin changer, whether as part of our ultimate package or standalone package. If not, you should consider it. Our skin changer package lets you choose between a skin and an inventory changer, so you can decide for yourself what system suits you more!

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