30 days CSGO Cheat - Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package includes all essential features of a perfect CSGO cheat and offers an extensive and highly customizable CSGO cheat that can easily be adapted to your own playstyle.

The perfect CSGO cheat that adapts to your needs. Highly customizable and easy to use.

The Ultimate Package includes all essential features of a perfect CSGO cheat and offers an extensive and highly customizable CSGO cheat that can easily be adapted to your own playstyle.

Win every aim duel with ease without attracting attention. Don't let shots depend on luck or chance and make sure that every shot you fire hits exactly where you want it to hit by making use of everything our feature-rich Aimbot has to offer, so you will never miss a shot and start dominating the scoreboard!

Knowledge is power. Visualize players, your environment and various bonus information on your screen to always be one step ahead of your opponents with our first-class ESP and Wallhack.

Adjust your loadout according to your wishes and liking without having to spend a lot of money on CSGO skins by simply adding items directly to your inventory with the Inventory Changer.

If you think something is missing, just let us know. We regularly add new features based on customer feedback.

A list of all available features is available in the forum and if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the pre-sale questions forum.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10/11 (64-Bit) operating system with Administrator privileges. No virtual machines!
    We offer limited support for older versions of Windows 10 and no support for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.
  • Visual C++ runtime libraries (x64 & x86)
CSGO Cheat - Ultimate Package


  • CSGO Cheat - Ultimate Package
    EUR 14.99

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The aimbot package contains the following features:

  • Weapon group settings (specific settings for every weapon group)
  • Default weapon group (use default settings for multiple weapon groups)
  • Weapon settings (specific settings for every weapon)
  • Aimbot enabled (On/Off)
    • Start (amount of shots after which the aimbot should start)
    • Stop (amount of shots after which the aimbot should stop)
  • Recoil Control (On/Off)
    • Strength (0%-100%)
  • Standalone Recoil Control (On/Off)
    • Strength on X-Axis (0%-100%)
    • Strength on Y-Axis (0%-100%)
  • No Recoil (On/Off)
  • Team aimbot (On/Off)
  • Silent aimbot (On/Off)
    • Stop (amount of shots after which the aimbot should switch to normal aimbot)
  • Autoshoot (shoot as soon as the aimbot finds a target)
  • Visualcheck (ignore non-visible enemies)
  • Non-sticky aimbot (no target sticking)
    • Duration (time in ms after that the aimbot should re-stick to the target again)
  • Autowall (enable aimbot through walls)
    • Minimum Damage (only shoot if the shot deals enough damage through the wall)
  • Autostop (stop any movements before autoshooting to increase accuracy)
  • Autozoom (automatically zoom in before autoshooting)
  • Activation mode (Always/On shoot/On key)
    • Aimkey
  • Togglekey
  • Aimbone (select one out of many bones)
  • Hit chance (only shoot if the chance of hitting the target is high enough)
  • Smooth (0-100)
  • FOV (0-20)
    • Rage FOV (0-180)
    • Distance FOV (calculate dynamic fov based on distance to the target)
    • Silent FOV (field of view in which aimbot shots are silent)
  • Backtrack

ESP / Visuals / Wallhack

The ESP / wallhack package contains the following features:

  • Visuals enabled (On/Off)
  • Togglekey
  • Team visuals
  • Visualcheck
  • Player ESP
    • Box
    • Skeleton
    • Headdot
    • Name
    • Health
      • Bar
      • Number
    • Armor
      • Bar
      • Number
    • Weapon
      • Name
      • Ammo
    • Defusing (show if player is defusing)
    • Defuse timer (show the time left until the bomb is defused)
    • C4 holder (highlight the player that is carrying the bomb)
    • Offscreen Indicator
  • World ESP
    • Grenade tracer
      • Enemy tracers
      • Team tracers
    • Projectiles (circles, names)
      • Smoke Indicator (progress bar)
      • Molotov Indicator (area)
    • Grenade Helper

      • Show only visible spots
      • Snap Key
      • Snap if close to aim spot
      • Snap Smooth
  • Dropped weapons
    • Names
    • Box
  • Dropped C4
  • C4 timer (show the time left until the bomb detonates)
    • Timer circles (show timer circles on screen)
      • Time Indicators
      • Bombsite Indicator
      • Damage Indicator
    • On C4
  • Other ESP
    • Spectatorlist
    • Crosshair
      • Static
      • Recoil
      • Spread Circle
    • Information log

      • Purchases (own, enemy, team)
      • Hits (own, enemy, team)
      • Mode (screen, console, chat)
      • Bomb Plant
      • Votes (own,enemy, team)
  • Player Glow
  • Chams (Player, Arms, Weapons, Backtrack)
    • Through Walls
    • Wireframe
    • Style/Texture
  • Backtrack Chams
  • Colors

Skin & Inventory Changer

The skin changer / inventory changer package contains the following features:

  • Weapon settings (specific skin settings for every weapon)
  • StatTrack technology
    • Live (numbers get updated with every kill)
    • Set (set specific stattrack numbers)
  • Glove changer
  • Knife changer
  • Skin quality
    • Weapon type (set the quality of the skin or use the default)
    • Wear level (set the wear level / float of the skin)


The miscellaneous package contains the following features:

  • Bunnyhop (On/Off)
    • Hit Chance (0-100)
  • Autostrafe (On/Off)
  • Fastcrouch (On/Off)
  • Auto-Accept (On/Off)
  • Rank-Reveal (On/Off)
  • Reveal Minimap (On/Off)
  • Disable Postprocessing (On/Off)
  • Auto Pistol (On/Off)
  • Auto Zeus (On/Off)
  • No visual recoil (On/Off)
  • Skyboxchanger (Select one from many skyboxes)
  • Clantagchanger (None/Static/Animated/Custom)
  • Fakeping (Add fakeping to your current ping from 0-250ms)
  • Disable Menu Tooltips (On/Off)
  • Hitmarker (On/Off)
  • Hitsounds (On/Off)
    • Hitsound Volume (1-100)
  • Edgejump (Auto/Key)
  • Overwatch Reveal (On/Off)
  • Auto Disconnect (On/Off)
  • Stat Bar showing FPS, Ping and Speed (On/Off)
  • Custom Viewmodel FOV (0-80)
  • Third Person (On/Off)
    • Zoom/Range (0-300)
    • Activation Method (Toggle/Hold)
    • Activation Key (Key)
  • Desync / Legit Anti-Aim (On/Off)
    • Moveable Direction Indicator (On/Off)
    • Invert Key (Key)
    • Customizable Chams (Third Person Required)
      • These show your REAL angle, where your model actually is.
      • Third Person Model shows your FAKE angle, what the enemy sees.

This package is included with every other package free of charge.

We reserve the right to freely add or remove features from this list.

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    I was mostly pleased using this cheat legit. Only experienced one crash in my month using it, other than that it worked quite well for me. Only thing I'd really want changed is making visuals more customizable.

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