Avoid these 5 common mistakes while using a CSGO cheat!

STOP DOING THAT - Learn how to properly use a CSGO cheat
STOP DOING THAT - Learn how to properly use a CSGO cheat

If you're looking to get ahead in CSGO without putting in the hours of practice, you may be tempted to cheat. However, cheating can be risky business, and if you're not careful you could end up getting permanently banned from the game. To help you avoid making some common mistakes, here are 5 things you should avoid doing while cheating in CSGO.

1. Using public free cheats

Using public free cheats is a death sentence for your account or computer. Not only do these free cheats carry a greater risk of containing viruses and other malware aimed at stealing your personal information, corrupting your files, or even taking control of your computer, but they are also very unlikely to provide good or any ban protection.

Another big problem with everyone being able to freely download public cheats is that they can and will be submitted to Valve. As a result, these cheats are detected very quickly after publication and since bans can also be issued retrospectively, it doesn’t matter if the cheat was undetected at the time it was used. It is almost guaranteed that sooner or later you will get banned for using public cheats.

Using a paid cheat reduces these risks enormously and due to various security measures by the cheat providers, the cheat will not be detected that quickly. In addition, paid cheats usually offer more features as well as better quality and support. Paid premium cheats are also updated more frequently than free cheats, which means that users can take advantage of bug fixes and compatibility updates for game updates sooner.

2. Not using a trusted cheat provider

There are a lot of CSGO cheats out there, but not all of them are created equal. For example, there are often big differences in a cheat provider’s ban protection security measures because they have different skills or just want to save themselves some work. This not only leads to more frequent bans, but also to distrust in the community.

In addition, there are still many scammers, even with top rankings on Google, who will sell you fake or outdated cheats, so make sure you buy your CSGO cheat from a reliable and reputable source!

3. Cheating too obviously

This should go without saying, but don't be obvious when you are cheating. If you are constantly getting headshots or making impossible shots, you are much more likely to get caught. If enough people report you for suspicious behavior, you'll likely get investigated and banned by Overwatch. Try to be more subtle so you don't attract attention and blend in like a normal player.

While there is no foolproof way to avoid getting banned for cheating in CSGO, as even the most skilled and experienced cheaters can eventually be caught and banned, here are some tips on how to avoid being caught as a cheater.


With an aimbot, it's important that your aim looks as natural as possible. Always make sure that you keep your FOV low and that the aimbot aims smoothly to the target. If your normal aim is pretty good, using an aimbot will go almost unnoticed! Another way of using an aimbot is to only use the aimbot when you are in a difficult situation or when you are about to die. This way you can crank up the settings a bit since you're only going to be using the aimbot sporadically.


When using a wallhack, it's extremely important not to look at the walls all the time. Avoid aiming directly at players or chasing them through the wall. A mistake many people make is repositioning the crosshair to the opponent's head height before they come around the corner. Such behavior is immediately suspicious to any spectator. Remember not to react to information that would not be available if you were not cheating.


A triggerbot helps you in emergency situations (e.g. during a chase) and especially when sniping. However, it becomes a problem if no delay is set for the triggerbot. This is completely unnatural, since every human being has a certain reaction time. It's tempting to hold the crosshair on the edge of a wall and take out the opponent as soon as he comes around the corner, but it will of course be obvious that you are cheating, since nobody can react that quickly.

Bunny Hop

Performing bunny hops can certainly be accomplished by legitimate players, but there are limits to what someone can do with human reflexes and reaction times and without any kind of software or hardware assistance. It's almost impossible to bunny hop across the entire map without missing a jump, so make sure that you never bunny hop for long periods of time and that your bunny hop fails every once in a while.

Live Streaming

Maybe you're planning to live stream CSGO with a cheat or you already are. Since cheating is forbidden on most platforms, you should assure that the cheat is not visible in your recordings! To do this, many CSGO cheats offer so-called 'streamproof' visuals, which remain hidden from your viewers or on your video recordings. Make sure your CSGO cheat is set up perfectly for streaming so your viewers don't get suspicious.

4. Telling people you're cheating

Don't tell random people you're cheating - it's just asking for trouble. If people find out you're cheating, they're obviously not going to be happy. Even if you think your playstyle is subtle enough, if other players know you’re cheating, they’ll report you and sooner or later you’ll make a mistake that will show up in Overwatch and get you banned. Sometimes it even happens that friends no longer want to play with you, which is something you should definitely avoid as you don't want to end up playing alone!

5. Using cheats on your main account

This is the worst mistake you can make and is tied to the first rule of cheating in CSGO. Don't use cheats on your main account - if you get banned, you'll lose all your progress and your hard-earned items will be locked.

On top of that you will be publicly and visibly flagged as a cheater for ~7 years, which doesn’t look good on an account that may have a high Steam level and is being used for other games. Cheating on your main account or getting banned can also lead to negative feedback from other players and friends, which can make it difficult to find people to play with in the future. Always cheat on separate accounts so you don't risk losing everything you've worked or paid for.

Final Words

These are just a few of the common mistakes people make when they're cheating in CSGO. If you avoid these mistakes, you are less likely to get caught and banned. But remember, even if you don't get caught right away, it can eventually happen and you should be aware of the risk.

If you've thought about using a free cheat, we strongly advise against it. Instead, check out our premium CSGO cheat, which you can be sure is malware-free, respects your privacy, and includes security measures to avoid large ban waves.

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