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Hear that? 3 days only. The clock is ticking on our Black Friday Sale and time is running out to save massively on a new cheat subscription! Don't hesitate and add code BL4CK21 to your shopping cart to save 50% off everything our shop has to offer. Even coupons!

Don't forget: You can always buy subscriptions for multiple months by increasing the quantity in your shopping cart and buying a subscription with an active membership results in renewing the active subscription at a cheaper price.

Quick Information

Unfortunately, we haven't had that much to announce in the last few months. Much of it is still due to the global pandemic, which is still affecting our everyday lives, but also the fact that most of the work has recently taken place in the background as the v1 is in a pretty stable condition. We have made many changes to our backend infrastructure to improve the performances of our web server, as well as v1 and v2 of the CS:GO cheat. In the last few weeks we have also taken a big step in the development of the v2, which (hopefully) results in more and more feature updates being released in the near future. We hope to give a more detailed overview of the development of the v2 soon.

Best regards

:invision:  Trickster & ToKKaN

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