Heatwave Sale 2020 - 20% Discount on the Ultimate Package!

Heatwave Sale 2020

We didn't want to start a summer sale at the same time as our release in early July for many reasons. One of them was the user reaction to our shop and prices, which has led, amongst other things, to a permanent price reduction of 25% for the ultimate package. Now, a bit more than a month has passed and the global temperatures are literally crying out for a late summer sale. For this reason we are launching a Heatwave Sale until August 23rd reducing the price of the ultimate package by 20% once again!

Some people may still be severely restricted by Covid-19 in their general everyday life and others may not even want to leave the house at all in such temperatures, but summer is definitely not over. Always remember to stay hydrated and drink more water than usual.

For other people, however, the temperatures are already dropping again, causing storms and heavy rain. In this situation, we recommend staying at home safe and using the time to play some CS:GO again, which was almost impossible during the heat wave.

With this, I would also like to thank everyone who gave InVision a chance this month. It is definitely not common for a new cheat provider to have over 100 members in the first month without spending a lot of money on advertising. InVision will definitely continue to grow and you have laid the foundation for it! A big thank you also goes to Steeve. We've known him for a while, but he also gave us a chance on his own initiative and is now offering us a good little advertising platform.

Best regards

:invision:  Trickster & ToKKaN

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