Important changes to the packages available in the shop

  • Today, as part of an update planned for the upcoming v2 of our cs:go cheat we have removed, merged and simplified packages in the shop. In addition to the Ultimate Package, we now only offer separate packages for the former professional versions of the Aimbot, ESP / Visuals and Skin / Inventory Changer. Active subscriptions are not affected by these changes, but can no longer be renewed and the old packages can no longer be purchased.

    With these changes, we have also adjusted the prices of these 3 packages and the new prices are as follows:

    • Aimbot Only Package - 5.99 € ( - 20,03% )
    • ESP / Visuals Only Package - 5.99 € ( - 20,03% )
    • Skin / Inventory Changer - 4.99 € ( + 25,06 % )

    We have re-evaluated the prices based on total usage/sales and actual functionality.

    The prices for the Ultimate Package(s) remain unchanged.

    With this change we hope to cause less confusion for users who are just looking for a cheap Aimbot, ESP or Skin / Inventory Changer. They will still get their money's worth and since we no longer have to worry about products that were rarely used, we have less maintenance work to do and can use our time to work on other things. This also makes our products less prone to bugs and errors.

    EUR 4.99

    EUR 5.99

    EUR 5.99

    :point_right: Trickster

    :invision: InVision Founder

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