Recent spike in game bans (Ban Wave)

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    Members who are active in the csgo cheating scene will already have noticed the following. In the past few months and especially the recent weeks, there has been a huge increase in game bans, which also affected some members of our community. We are constantly monitoring the situation and bans affecting our users so that we can take immediate security measures if necessary.



    Since these are all game bans and every single cheat provider is affected by this, we would like to anticipate one thing right away: Our cheat or loader is not detected. Unfortunately, however, we do not know what the actual cause is and all we can do is to inform and warn you about it.

    We believe that "VACNet", the AI-powered anti-cheat, has started issuing bans for using certain features that it can now detect beyond a reasonable doubt. In the past, VACNet has not banned players directly (except in certain cases) and just sent players into the Overwatch program. If a player was then convicted and banned by Overwatch, the game ban on the Steam profile quickly became a VAC ban. However, currently no game bans are converted into VAC bans, which means that we cannot confirm our assumption.

    There is some information circulating in connection with the current ban wave, but it is relatively old and has been known for while. Basically, a certain type of feature has been detected for some time now and using such a feature will result in a VAC ban. When this became known, we immediately took precautions and did not record any bans as a result. It is now suspected that it is exactly these features that cause the game bans. We're currently investigating whether the features in question are the root cause of the bans, but don't have any results on that yet.

    The beforementioned features include:

    • Glow
    • Reveal Minimap (Radar Hack)
    • Flash Amount (No Flash)
    • Third-Person

    Update 22.10.2022

    • Bunny Hop (Bhop)
    • Anti-Aim

    We recommend that you do not use the features listed above for the time being. We will expand our analysis process in the next few days, but at the moment we can't do more than collect information. If you've been banned and are 100% sure you haven't used any of the features mentioned, please let us know providing specific information on what features you did use. Also, if you think you have useful information on this topic, please feel free to share it with us as well.

    Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the following:

    If you cheat, your trust factor will eventually go down and you also always risk getting banned, whether it's by Overwatch, VACNet, or VAC. Please do not cheat on accounts that are valuable to you.

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  • Update: In the latest update, certain data collections were classified that suggest that VACNet has also been able to detect anti-aim and heavy bhop usage for some time. That would explain bans from users who didn't use an aimbot or the other features mentioned in the first post of this thread. You should not use any of these features for now and check the start post regularly to see if more features have been added.

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  • Hello.

    The game collects information about the bhop duration and associated keystrokes. The latter can lead to a ban even with little use, but can probably be easily circumvented depending on the implementation.

    However, since there is no precise information on this and it is unknown how VACNet distinguishes from legitimate bhops and cheats, the feature should not be used for the time being.

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