A new download center is now available to all customers

  • Unfortunately, in the past, users often couldn't find where to download the loader in order to use the cheat. Users who are new to cheating also often don't even know what they need to download because they have never heard of the concept of a "loader". To counteract this, we have increased the visibility several times and also referred to the download link in various places, but based on the requests we still received, the result of this was never really satisfactory.

    Now we are going to take another step that we consider necessary. We have created a new download center where you can easily find and download all of the available software in one place. This includes releases for both new and existing products. New releases will be added to the download center as they become available. At the moment, the download center only contains the download for our loader aswell as permalinks to the required Visual C++ runtime libraries.

    The new download center is available in the main menu at a very convenient URL (https://invision.gg/download/) and is only visible and accessible for customers and team members. If you're missing any content on this page, let us know and we'll see what we can do about it.

    You may be wondering why we didn't just put the link in the main menu earlier, but I have an explanation for that. The main menu has a limited space and for us this space is already almost used up. Without fundamentally restructuring the main menu, we might be able to add exactly one more menu item, and with what we have planned for the future, this position would already be taken. For a long time we were of the opinion that the download simply had no place in the main menu of the website, but to reduce the potential for frustration, we've decided to do just that. We want to make it as easy and accessible as possible for our users, which is why we are also keeping the previous download box for the time being. Depending on what content we want to share with you in the future, we may still need to rearrange the menu items, but we will definitely keep the download center in the main menu going forward.

    We hope the new download center will bring value to all our users. We're always looking for ways to improve our website and would love to get your feedback.

    :point_right: Trickster

    :invision: InVision Founder

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