Forum Software Upgrade & Expected Downtime

  • We will be performing a major upgrade to our web server and forum software on February 16th, 2022 at around 15:00 CET. During this upgrade we do not expect any rollback, but at least 3 hours of downtime for our website as this upgrade affects not only the forum software itself, but also systems like our shop, the ticket system and other background infrastructure.

    We cannot guarantee that the loader will continue to work during this upgrade, but we do not think there will be any problems. However, we will have someone monitoring this so we can take care of it during the upgrade if we can. Ongoing cheat connections will not be affected.

    Among other things, the upgrade makes significant changes to the session system, which will make it possible to increase account security using multi-factor authentication. For this reason, all user sessions are automatically terminated once, which means that each user has to log in again. If you don't know your password, you should take care of it now. We will not provide multi-factor authentication for the loader.

    If you encounter any problems after the upgrade or just things that are different than you think they should be, feel free to post them here so we can take a look. Unfortunately, due to the large scope of this upgrade, it cannot be ruled out that all problems were uncovered in previous test runs.

    We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience because of this upgrade.

    :point_right: Trickster

    :invision: InVision Founder

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