2 days Counter-Strike 2 Cheat - 2-Day Trial

Get a glimpse of your new gaming experience with the 2-day trial version of our CS2 cheat. This trial version allows you to use and try out all available features for as long as a weekend!

You are viewing the 2-day trial version of the CS2 cheat

Thank you for exploring the trial version of our CS2 cheat! The trial version offers first impressions of our CS2 cheat and lets you use and try it out in its entirety for a limited amount of time. There are no restrictions on the use of the trial version and all features are available. If you need more time, the trial version can be purchased as often as you like.

The description and feature list of the trial version corresponds to that of the main product, on whose product page you will also find more information, reviews and additional screenshots.

Our external CS2 cheat sets new standards, offering unparalleled features for both casual and competitive players. The list of available features is seemingly endless and we offer the most customizable CS2 cheat on the market that is still easy to use. Specifically designed with a focus on security and optimizations for legit gameplay, the CS2 cheat provides all features needed in a modern cheat. This includes, but is not limited to, a heavily customizable aimbot and triggerbot aswell as a completely stream-proof ESP (Wallhack) with countless visual features that can adapt to your own playstyle. We also offer various features that have never existed before, such as our comprehensive hotkey or config systems.

Important Information:

Using the CS2 cheat in fullscreen mode is currently not supported! The external overlay window, i.e. all visual elements such as the menu or ESP, requires the game to be running in windowed/borderless mode.

If there are any updates to this, we will announce them via changelog and update this information accordingly.


A list of all available features can be viewed by clicking on the Features-Tab. Here are some highlights:

Secured Trust-Factor & Security

Nothing is more annoying than having a low trust factor after using a cheat once... The safety of our customers and their accounts is a top priority for us and so far, by switching from an internal to an external cheat, we have managed to overcome this problem. By using our CS2 cheat, your trust factor will not suffer as a result and the risk of a permanent account suspension is as low as possible!

Performance Optimization

The cheat is highly optimized for performance, even on older hardware. Although we are still at the beginning of the development phase, we have already taken precautions that are unique in the industry. These include, for example, the "Limit Performance" option and especially the "Memory Caching" option. This option allows you to get up to 500% more performance on low-end systems for the trade-in of slightly increased RAM usage. There are also other measures in place to increase the overall performance (including the FPS) and minimize the impact on the CPU.

Stream-Proof Visuals

Ensure the secret to your newly acquired skills remain yours with our visuals overlay that is completely stream-proof and hidden on all recordings aswell as screenshots. This affects every single visible feature, including the menu, the player ESP, the world ESP and any other on-screen visuals. This feature is available for both game and window capture!

Cloud Configs & Config Sharing

Create up to 50 personalized configurations stored on a decentralized server to allow quick access wherever you go! Our config sharing system enables you to seamlessly share your own settings or import configurations from other customers with just one press of a button. No copying and pasting or moving of files required.

Comprehensive Hotkey-System

Take full control of the CS2 cheat and bind every feature effortlessly, from overwrites to toggles. Customize your shortcuts for a personalized and efficient gaming experience.

Feature Requests

We welcome customer feedback, suggestions, and bug reports to help us fine-tune and prioritize new features and improvements for our CS2 cheat. We are working actively to address customer input and if the feature list does not contain a desired feature, we are happy to incorporate your opinions into the development of the CS2 cheat to bring it close to where our CSGO cheat once was! After all, we want to build and make the CS2 cheat the ultimate companion for Counter-Strike 2 players.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10/11 (64-Bit) operating system with Administrator privileges. No virtual machines!
    We offer limited support for older versions of Windows 10 and no support for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.
  • CPU: Intel I5 4690 / AMD FX 8350
  • GPU: GTX 1070 / RX 580
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Visual C++ runtime libraries (x64)

If you have any questions about this product, feel free to ask them in the pre-sale questions forum.

Counter-Strike 2 Cheat - 2-Day Trial


  • Counter-Strike 2 Cheat - 2-Day Trial
    EUR 2.99

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Legitbot (Aimbot/Triggerbot)

The Legitbot, including an Aimbot and Triggerbot, is your ultimate ally for achieving pinpoint accuracy and advantages in your Counter-Strike 2 matches. With a set of powerful features, the Legitbot ensures that your shots land with precision and you maintain control over your aim, helping you stay ahead of the competition. Dominate the scoreboard with confidence!

Global Features

  • Aimbot: Enable or disable the aimbot at will.
  • Triggerbot: Enable or disable the triggerbot at will.
  • Weapon Settings: Fine-tune your aimbot and triggerbot settings for each weapon or weapon group.
  • Hotkeys: Specify your preferred keys for activating the aimbot and triggerbot.


  • Weapon-Specific Aimbot Settings: Tailor your aimbot settings for each weapon or weapon group, ensuring that your shots are as accurate as possible.
  • Visibility Check: Ensure that your shots only hit visible targets and avoid any slip-ups. [This is currently very slow]
  • Hitbox: Select the area on the player the aimbot should aim at. Does also support selecting the bone "closest to crosshair".
  • Field of View (FOV): Specify the field of view in which the aimbot will react, optimizing your targeting and minimizing wasted shots. Supports the following types:
    • Pixel-Based: Distance in Pixels between player and crosshair.
    • Normal: Based on the angle between crosshair and player.
    • Distance-Based: Normal FOV calculation, which also takes into account the distance to the player.
  • Smooth Aiming: Adjust the smooth value to fine-tune the aimbot's speed and control.
    • A higher smooth value slows down the aimbot for precise aiming, while a lower value offers rapid, on-point targeting.
  • Automatic start/stop: Specify that the aimbot only starts after X shots and stops after X shots.
  • Recoil Control System: Take full control of your weapon's recoil and adjust the recoil control strength to masterfully handle your weapon's kickback.


  • Weapon-Specific Triggerbot Settings: Enable or disable the triggerbot for each weapon or weapon group with granular control.
  • Custom Delay: Specify a custom delay before shooting for each weapon or weapon group.
  • Randomizer: Add an element of unpredictability to your shots. This randomized delay is applied on top of all time-based operations, including custom delay and waiting period.
  • Waiting Period: This feature allows you to set a specific waiting period between shots fired by the triggerbot.
  • Overburst: Overburst allows for additional shots to be fired in quick succession when enabled. Unleash controlled bursts of shots to maximize your impact.
  • Maximum Velocity: This feature ensures that the triggerbot only activates if your speed is within your defined maximum to increase your accuracy.
  • Zoom Check: Sharpen your precision with snipers by ensuring that the triggerbot only activated when you're zoomed in and avoid firing random shots if not.

ESP / Visuals / Wallhack

Unleash the power of extrasensory perception with our first-class ESP features, designed to give you the edge over your competition. Our ESP feature is divided into three distinct groups, each offering unique advantages to help you stay one step ahead of your opponents. Explore the "General" "World" and "On Screen" categories that offer an array of advanced functionalities, customizable options, and the power to gain a tactical advantage in your Counter-Strike 2 matches. Our ESP provides you with unparalleled insights into the game, giving you a significant advantage over your opponents. Make informed decisions, secure critical rounds and dominate the competition like never before.

Important Notes:

  • The CS2 cheat uses an external overlay window to draw any information onto your screen. It is only available in windowed/borderless mode!
  • The Menu and ESP of the CS2 cheat are completely streamproof and will not be exposed in recordings and live streams

General Group

For both enemies and team members, enjoy an array of features including but not limited to:

  • Visibility Check: Ensure that only visible players are displayed, reducing clutter and increasing accuracy. [This is currently very slow]
  • Name ESP: Quickly identify players with their prominently displayed names.
  • Boxe ESP: Visualize players with boxes, making them stand out in the games environment.
  • Skeleton ESP: Visualize player positions with the benefit of skeletal structures.
  • Weapon and Ammo Info: Stay aware of your and your opponents' weapon and ammunition status.
  • Health and Armor Info: Monitor player health and armor, allowing for strategic decision-making (or a well-thrown HE grenade).
  • Snaplines: Enhance your situational awareness by drawing lines from the bottom center of your screen to players.

World Group

The World ESP contains features related to any entities in the world besides player characters, showing item locations and critical game elements in realtime.

The World ESP allows you to specify a max distance at which any information should be shown and allows to visualize:

  • Grenade Projectiles: Detect and track grenade projectiles, offering insights into potential threats.
  • On-Ground Entities: Identify important objects like the bomb, weapons and utility items with text, icons and distance information.

On Screen

The On-Screen ESP delivers essential on-screen information that's not directly tied to any entities but is incredibly valuable. It includes the following features:

  • Spectator List: Keep track of who's watching the action and know when you're being observed by other players.
  • Watermark: A discreet yet useful watermark showing the current time and overlay FPS to check its performance.
  • Overwrites Window: Quickly access and customize your active overwrites. Overwrites are explained in the Hotkey System section.
  • Draw Field of View (FOV): Visualize your FOV radius, especially useful while figuring out the best settings.
  • Draw Crosshair: Draw a custom crosshair on the screen to enhance your aiming precision.
  • Bomb Information: Stay ahead in the round with real-time data on planted bombs, including:
    • Bomb Timer: Keep track of when the bomb is going to explode.
    • Bombsite Indicator: Always know where the bomb is planted.
    • Damage Prediction: Understand the potential damage from the bomb blast and get out of it
  • 2D Radar: Know where your enemies are, without tracing them through the wall.

Customizable Colors

Tailor the colors of all major ESP features to suit your preferences, ensuring that your gaming experience is as unique as you are. This is especially useful for color-blind people!

Cloud Configs

Elevate your gaming experience to new heights with out cutting-edge Cloud Config System. This features allows you to create, manage, and share up to 50 unique configurations effortlessly. Whether you're seeking to optimize your gameplay with configs from others or share your carefully crafted configs with other customers, our Cloud Configs have you covered.

Key Features:

Create and personalize configs:

With the Cloud Config System, you can create up to 50 distinct configurations to tailor your gaming experience. Name them, customize them, share them!

Default Config:

Make your favorite config your default choice, ensuring it's automatically loaded every time you launch the CS2 cheat. No more manual selection, just jump right into the action with your preferred setup.

Share with fellow cheaters:

Share your meticulously crafted and thought out configurations with other custoers. Collaborate, strategize, and help each other grinding their CS Rating by exchanging your best configs. Shared configs can be loaded or directly imported into your own set of configs.

Action Log:

A detailed action log records every action related to loading, saving, importing and other config-related activities. This log also comes with built-in warning notfications that can inform you about missing settings and therefore, potential improvements in your configs. Stay up-to-date with new features and ensure you're config always makes use of every feature available in the CS2 cheat.

Hotkey System

Unlock the full potential of the CS2 cheat with our advanced Hotkey System by integrating this powerful feature into your playstyle! Our Hotkey System allows you to take control of the cheat like you have never experienced before, providing you with the freedom to customize and optimize your user experience to the fullest extend. The system is designed to save you time and provide an unparalleled level of control over the CS2 cheat as if you had developed it for yourself.

Key Features

Set settings to specific values:

With our Hotkey System, you can easily assign specific values to various settings within the CS2 cheat. No more navigating through the menu or manually adjusting settings mid-game! Streamline your playstyle with a single keypress.

Overwrite settings with precision:

Overwrite any setting of the CS2 cheat with any specific value in tense situations and simply revert back to your original settings. This feature will not only save you time, but also help you deal with difficult situations. Whether a clutch is needed or you simply feel the need to step up a notch, overwrites got you covered.

Toggle settings on the fly:

For any settings that can be enabled and disabled, our Hotkey System provides a unique toggle feature. While toggling features is nothing new, our cheat is the only one that allows you to toggle every single feature with a hotkey. and quickly switch between active and inactive states with a simple keypress, optimizing your gameplay even further!

Dedicated Overwrite Window:

Our Hotkey System offers an optional, dedicated "Overwrite Window" that can be enabled or disabled. This window conveniently displays all active overwrites, allowing you to keep a constant eye on dynamically adjusted settings. Never forget to undo settings again and no more digging through menus to see which settings are currently active - it's all right there for you.

Customization Overflow:

The Hotkey System extends its functionality to cover every single feature of the CS2 cheat. This means you can assign hotkeys to any and all features, creating a fully tailored and efficient user experience that can be perfectly adapted to your playstyle.