• Hello, guys,

    For those who don't know me, I'm 'animal,' and I've been using ToKKaN's masterpieces for at least 7 years. I've seen a lot of his work and can provide you with some meaningful feedback.

    Let's start with the launch of the CS2 Cheat. For those who have been using it since Day 1, you'll know that we were able to use AimBot, Wallhack with some helpful features, and a Triggerbot!

    To be honest, that's basically all a CS2 Cheat needs! But ToKKaN went even further and implemented nearly all the features that we, as a community, requested and that were safe to use. Also, new updates were coming out every day, either with something new or a fix that we, the community, suggested.

    I encountered some problems as well, but ToKKaN and Trickster took their time to recreate my issues and find a solution. Even if we were talking for nearly an hour, those guys are so dedicated to what they are doing here, even as a part-time job; it's insane!

    But for me, something was missing. InVision felt different, but in a positive way! I was missing the pure rage mode! So I went ahead, bought a new CS2 account and software from someone else, and first tested the 'SAFE' features of the software. I'm talking about features that the developer of this software declared safe from VAC and RTF. After five games, my trust factor was so low that it might have turned black in a few more matches.

    What did I do then? It was easy; I went back to my InVision account, loaded up, and enjoyed my 50th game or something without having to worry about the trust factor because it didn't change negatively!

    What I am attempting to convey is that this software is truly a masterclass.

    I am very relaxed using this MASTERPIECE and so can you! Every feature and fix that ToKKaN provides us with is meticulously crafted and executed with utmost care and prudence.

    "Junge der ToKKaN ist eigentlich voll korrekt, keine Ahnung" - BiBa

  • Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you're happy with the current state of the CS2 cheat :)

    While it is in a more than usable state, we are aware that there are still a lot of features missing and there is still a lot on our to-do list for the CS2 cheat, but as you said, we are not working full time on InVision and therefore cannot implement everything as quickly as we might have been able to in the past. That's also why we don't charge a full price at the moment! Nevertheless, we are already working on the next set of features that will hopefully be released soon, but features like our unique leaderboard system require much more time in development than adding another color option to the menu.

    The days of "rage hacking" are long gone (in our opinion). Coming from Mouse5, we have actually always been a provider with focus on legit cheating and the safety of our users. We were never really fans of the (toxic) HvH scene at all, for example. With InVision, we decided to go internal so that we could satisfy a larger number of customers (even though it also started with legit features only). Initially, this was not a problem, but especially over the last year, we kept asking ourselves if it was worth it. No question, our internal cheat for CS:GO was a top product in the scene, but I think we would not go this route again today. Now with CS2 and the constant changes to the Trust Factor, VACNet and Co. a lot has changed anyway, which is why we are not the only provider that has switched back to an external cheat. By going external, ToKKaN is now back in his element, where he feels most comfortable and has much more experience. We don't want to be permanently concerned with the Trust Factor. We simply don't want it to play any role at all.

    Of course there will be users who don't understand or want to accept that, but for these people there are other providers out there where they can get their Trust Factor ruined or game account banned ;) As long as people like you put trust in us, we won't go anywhere and will continue to improve our products.

    Besides, feel free to also leave a little review on the product page itself! :)

    EUR 9.99

    :point_right: Trickster

    :invision: InVision Founder

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