Leaderboard Results for June 2022

  • It only took a month to break last month's high score! With almost 300 games played by a single user within the last month, the score surpassed the 1000 points mark for the first time, doubling the high score in only 30 days! We didn't expect to ever see a score that high and we honestly don't expect that score to be beaten again anytime soon. But you never know.

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    EUR 14.99

    In June 2022, the following players have topped the leaderboard:

    Rank User Points
    1 ganzas420 1191
    2 tiago12333 433
    3 Exleah 297

    Congratulations to the winners, and a big thank you to everyone who participated this month!

    We will award the prizes to winners throughout the day. Make sure to check the list of your vouchers.

    Next month's winners can look forward to the following prizes:

    The following conditions apply to the vouchers from this promotion:

    1. The vouchers are personal and non-transferable.
    2. The vouchers must be used in full. Any remaining balance will be lost.
    3. You can use the vouchers in combination with other vouchers.
    4. You can use the vouchers for discounted products.

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