Leaderboard Results for April 2022

  • April's competition for placements on the leaderboard is over and we have two first places! Certainly a scenario we could have anticipated, but we didn't know how it might play out if it actually happened. Accordingly, a new regulation is needed, since the system is designed for only a single winner! Of course, the new regulation will not apply until next month and it reads as follows:

    From now on: If there is a tie in the placement, whether it is 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, the user with the better win/loss ratio will be awarded the placement. If the win/loss ratio does not lead to a clear result either, the user with the most won games, regardless of the game mode, takes the placement. In the event that two or more users only play together or for whatever reason have exactly the same rating, we don't have a final solution yet. A possible solution could be the introduction of the K/D, but we will work out a solution for this over the course of May, which will be announced in this thread at a later date. There will be no tie in the future!

    In April 2022, the following players have topped the leaderboard:

    Rank User Points
    1 synth 387
    1 VNIMVL 387
    2 sammyj209 298

    Congratulations to synth and VNIMVL for taking first place and to sammyj209 who defaults to second place! We will contact you via PM to award the prizes.

    Note: The winners list does not differentiate between ties and shows the placement based on the player's last game played.

    Next month's winners can look forward to the following prizes:

    • 1st place: 10€ InVision Coupon
    • 2nd place: 50% InVision Coupon
    • 3rd place: 20% InVision Coupon

    The first place will also receive the following trophy:

    :point_right: Trickster

    :invision: InVision Founder

  • Trickster

    Changed the title of the thread from “Leaderboard Prizes for May 2022” to “Leaderboard Results for April 2022”.

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