Marketplace Rules / Guidelines

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    Last Update: 09.01.2022

    This forum section has additional rules and guidelines to ensure the safety of our users. Violations of the marketplace rules / trading guidelines lead to warning points and in the worst case to a permanent account suspension. All community guidelines also still apply.

    General Rules

    • Treat all users with respect and follow the community guidelines. Do not harass, bully or spam other users.
    • By participating in the marketplace, you agree to the following rules and guidelines. Any violations may result in a warning or account suspension.

    Trading Guidelines

    • A corresponding label must be assigned to every post/thread.
      • A thread must be labeled as "Done" if completed or cancelled.
    • Posts without sufficient information are closed without any comment.
      • Posts must clearly describe the items and/or services being traded, including pictures if applicable.
    • Only post items or services that you own and have the right to trade.
    • Always include contact options in your offer (e.g. Discord, Steam, Conversation)
    • Comments that have nothing to do with the offer are prohibited.
    • Comments about criticism or personal opinions without trade participation or intention to trade are prohibited.

    Forbidden Trades

    • Any kind of illegal trade. (includes, but is not limited to: drugs, weapons, stolen goods and copyrighted material)
    • Any form of trade related to InVision products except for coupons.
    • Any form of fraud is prohibited (that shouldn't have to be mentioned).

    Avoiding Disputes

    • If you have any issues or concerns with a trade, please contact a moderator.
    • InVision is not responsible for any issues that may arise between users.
      • It is up to the users to resolve any disputes or issues, however, users may be reported in the (Scam) Reports section.
    • Use common sense and caution when participating in any trades. InVision is not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur.

    Coupon Trading

    If you own a voucher to our shop that you no longer need, you can offer it for sale in the Coupon Trading section of the marketplace. Note that the voucher may be undersold when resold. You can also ask other users to trade your shop coupon for other means of payment such as CS:GO Skins, Amazon Gift Cards or other virtual goods. Keep in mind that this only applies to coupons that were purchased in the shop. Coupons that were part of a giveaway or any other form of promotion cannot be shared or traded!

    If you want to trade for a coupon, e.g. if there is no suitable payment option available for you, please create a thread in the Coupon Trading forum and state exactly what you are offering in exchange. You can also offer different things to increase the chance that someone will go for the trade.

    When you've found someone who is willing to trade a coupon with you, you can tag ToKKaN or Trickster directly in the thread who will check for you whether the coupon has been purchased and is actually available for trade. You can then continue with the trade. If the other member wants you to go first on the trade, it is entirely up to you whether to accept that or wait for another offer.

    Service Offers

    The Service Offers section serves to display permanently available services. One off offers are prohibited in this section. Users may only reply to a service offer thread if they want to rate the service. If they are interested in the service, they must contact the seller using the provided contact options.

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    Closed the thread.
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    Update: We recently made drastic changes to the marketplace to quickly respond to the EU Directive DAC7 that is now in force. We had roughly described what this directive is about and explained the short-term changes we made. We've been dealing with the topic to this day and have come to the conclusion that we can safely restore the marketplace in its old form. Unfortunately, while we were doing so, the thread and the information it contained were lost due to an oversight. However, since the information is no longer that important (for this forum), this shouldn't be a problem. We have completely restored the old marketplace and also opened another section to promote non-one-off services. We've also updated the above rules and guidelines once again.

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