Selling CS2 Accounts premier ready 6-10€

  • Hello,

    Im selling CS2 Transaction banned Steam Accounts,

    the Accounts are fully ready to play CS2 and every Account comes with OGE access so you can remove any Comm locks if someone reportbots you.

    Every Account is atleast level 10 ,so ready for Premier Matchmaking.

    Cant add friends or use steam community, can change Name but not Profile pic or any info!

    You can join your friends through private matchmaking codes if they cant add you.

    10€ per Account

    80€ per 10

    150€ per 20

    300€ per 50


    for more info/buy join my Discord:


  • Trickster January 6, 2024 at 4:04 PM

    Approved the thread.

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